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Meet your Cancer.Fitness® Coach, Enrico DePaolis:


  • Advanced Certification - Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Advanced Certification - Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU® Specialist
  • Certified Fitness Trainer - International Sports Sciences Association
  • Alliance Member American College of Sports Medicine
  • Member IDEA Health & Fitness Association
  • Certified Martial Arts Fitness and Group Instructor
  • Certified CPR and AED for Infants, Children and Adults
  • Senior Healthcare/Life Sciences Consultant
  • 40 years in the Martial Arts, and lifelong fitness enthusiast


Enrico has competed in sports throughout his life, and has been focused on developing fitness programs for those dealing with cancer for the past several years.


Research has shown that exercising before, during and after a cancer diagnosis is not only beneficial, but physicians are now recommending that patients capable of performing even the simplest of exercises should start a fitness program to assist their bodies in the healing process.


With an understanding of how cancer affects the human body, Enrico will take you through how to eat healthy, follow a fitness routine and stay focused on your recovery.  Ultimately the goal is for you to build a fitness lifestyle which will stay with you for the rest of your life.


Each workout combines a series of routines which are broken into sets of varying intensity based on specific phases of the Cancer.Fitness® Workout.  Enrico will take you through some very intense routines in the Prepare phase which will last up to 60 minutes each.  During the Endure phase, he will lower the intensity and duration of the exercises while keeping you focused on getting through your treatments and keeping you in the best shape possible.  The Thrive phase is an ever increasing in intensity series of workouts which will kick start you back into your pre-treatment shape and beyond.


The Cancer Fitness Program includes a calendar of workouts for you to track your progress.  Based on your fitness level, Cancer type and phase of your journey, you will follow a set of workouts targeted to give you the best results.  By tracking your exercise and discussing your progress with your physician, you can determine just how to manage your fitness throughout your journey.


The Cancer Fitness Program also includes a healthy eating guide which provides various healthy eating choices for each phase of the program.  The guide is available to all Cancer.Fitness® members and includes a calendar for you to track your meals so you can share this information with your physician.


So Prepare yourself to Endure and Thrive as you transform your Mind and Body into a Cancer fighting machine!

Our Community Is Growing!

Our community is worldwide.  Together we can get you in the best shape physically and mentally for your battle against cancer.  We encourage you to continuously speak with your physician and healthcare team to ensure that you are getting the best treatment as well as keeping them in the loop on what you are doing with Cancer.Fitness®.


Cancer.Fitness® is open 24/7/365.  With such a large user base across every timezone in the world, you can be sure that there is someone working out, eating healthy or accessing the Cancer.Fitness® website somewhere in the world.

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CANCER.FITNESS® is FREE for patients and their loved ones (family, friends and caregivers).  The program is just about ready to launch but until then submit your contact info so you can be one of the first to be notified when we go LIVE!


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CANCER.FITNESS is FREE for patients and their loved ones (family, friends and caregivers).  The program is just about ready to launch but until then submit your contact info so you can be one of the first to be notified when we go LIVE!


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In the coming weeks we are going to release the first set of videos which will contain workout routines for the PREPARE, ENDURE and THRIVE phases.  We are excited to finally bring you this valuable information and look forward to working out with you!



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